Mount Panorama Punish


Mount Panorama Punish is ‘one hot lap’ of the iconic motor racing circuit… with a difference. It’s your legs that will provide the horsepower and your lungs that will burn. With 174m of elevation gain over the 6.2km track, Mount Panorama Punish is a running race with no peer. Re-established in its current format in 2017, the 2020 event is set to be huge!

Winner of the 2017 and 2019 Destination Event of the Year, the Mount Panorama Punish is your ‘MUST DO’ running event for 2020.

Supported by Bathurst Regional Council, the track will be under traffic management, giving you the ONLY opportunity to really test yourself around this track without the risk of vehicles.

Strict cut off times will be in operation:

  1. 3km – 30 minutes (near KOM and QOM at McPhillamy Park)
  2. Finish, 6.2km – 1 hour

KOM and QOM will be located close to McPhillamy Park, at about the 3km mark. You have 1 hour in total to complete the lap. This means you will have to maintain an average pace of 9.4 min/km. Sounds easy but the first 3km are uphill the whole way. Never fear;  if you don’t make it to the checkpoints in time, a bus will be on hand to get you back to the finish line.

Click on the thumbnail image below to see a course map showing the elevation and distance markers.


The Mount Panorama Punish is run entirely by volunteers and all profits are donated to charities.  We’d love to have you help, either before or on race day!  Please complete this form if you’d like to give us a hand!  Thank you so much 🙂

We love our sponsors and supporters!

2019 Mount Panorama Punish

Some Fun Facts about the Race
6213 metres
Race Distance
174 metres
Elevation Gain
9.4 min/km
Pace Required
1200 Maximum
Competitor Limit