Mount Panorama Punish draws in big crowd for inaugural event

THE organisers of Mount Panorama Punish couldn’t have asked for a better result for the first running of the event.

There were more than 550 registered participants for the 6.2 kilometre running race around the mount.

Organiser Jennifer Arnold wasn’t surprised that people came from all across the country to participate.

“I certainly hoped they would and I thought once people heard they would have the chance to run on Mount Panorama that they would travel for it,” she said.

The fastest male was Mitchell Williamson, while Meg Reeves was the fastest woman.

Awards were also presented for the age category winners, the senior and junior Kings and Queens of the Mountain and for the oldest people to finish the event.

Ms Arnold is confident Mount Panorama Punish will return in coming years.

“I can’t see why not,” she said. “There has already been interest from people who couldn’t fit it in their racing calendars and the feedback has been great.”

She extended her thanks to the sponsors of the event and the volunteers who helped to keep the event on track.

Mount Panorama Punish was a not for profit event and all money raised will go to Marathon Health.



  • 1st – Mitchell Williamson (Orange)
  • 2nd – Ben Witney (Bathurst)
  • 3rd – Wes Gibson (Bathurst)
Ben Witney and Amy Glenn were the fastest Bathurst runners that participated in the first Mount Panorama Punish. They also both placed second for the respective genders.


  • 1st – Meg Reeves (Orange)
  • 2nd – Amy Glenn (Bathurst)
  • 3rd – Nicole Williamson (Orange)
Amy Glenn, Nicole Williamson and Meg Reeves

Kings of the Mountain

  • Mitchell Williamson (senior)
  • Noah Maskill-Dowton (junior)
Emily Tallentire and Noah Maskill-Dowton

Queens of the Mountain

  • Meg Reeves (senior)
  • Emily Tallentire (junior)

    Glenys Rosser and John Ross, pictured with organiser Jennifer Arnold, were named the Most Senior Finishers at the event.

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