Can you post my timing bib/merchandise?

No, we can’t. Race bibs will not be posted out.  Race bibs can be collected from the following locations:

Bathurst parkrunSaturday 21st October 7.00-9.00am

Harvest Cafe & Store, Kendall Ave, Bathurst; Saturday 21st October 5:00-7.00pm

Mount Panorama; Sunday 22nd October 6.30am-7.00am.

Can a friend/relative/neighbour collect my timing bib for me?

Sure! Just ensure that they have a screenshot of your e-ticket. 

Do I need to print my e-ticket?

Nope, just bring a copy of it on your phone is the best bet – save a tree 🙂

Can I use headphones or earbuds during the race?

In an effort to ensure the safety of ALL the participants, headphones and earbuds are NOT permitted during the race.  You need to be able to hear safety instructions of Race Directors and marshals around the course, as well as to hear other runners around you.  Use it as an opportunity to listen to your own rasping breath.  Participants WILL be disqualified if found to be using headphones or earbuds.

Is my entry transferable or can I get a refund?

We apologise that we cannot refund entries.  However, we can offer a transfer of entry to another runner at no cost until 22nd September 2023.  Email us to arrange this.

Are you going to strictly enforce the cut off times?

Yes.  This event isn’t called The Punish for no reason.  Yes, there will be a bus following the sweepers and you will have to board the bus and be returned to the start if you haven’t made it to the 3km cut off point near McPhillamy Park within 30 minutes.  Likewise, you must have completed the race within 1 hour or you’ll be swept from the course.  If this is the case, you won’t receive a Finisher’s Medal.  Train hard, prepare well and push yourselves to stay in front of the sweep is our best suggestion!