It’s not that long until race day and now is the time to begin that specific and focused preparation for the 6.2km lap of Mount Panorama scheduled in October. The race itself requires both speed and strength, these will both be developed in the coming weeks and the first training tip is about developing a routine in your week that will have you in top form ready for #onehotlap in 2022.

In the training block you should look to include the following runs across your weekly schedule;
🏁 Hill Runs: the longer and steeper the better as in the punish you climb up and race down some big hills. I would aim for effort to be high aerobic and the focus being on running with good form, efficiency and control. Depending on your fitness you should start with between 10 to 25min of climbing time once a week preparing you for the more intense hill work ahead.
🏁 Active Recovery Sessions: for some runners this maybe a walk, ride or swim with aim at low aerobic activity further enhancing your aerobic system. As you will be utilising the full range of the aerobic energy system during the race including low impact/effort sessions in training will assist in its development and not impact on recovery.
🏁 Longer Run: each week I would always recommend a longer run, this allows you to develop physically, mentally and tactically for the race. A consistent long run builds aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and your execution in running. Being as specific as possible is key also, that means including longer hills throughout, both up and down. I would also recommend this run being at least 65min and you can include walking breaks if you are building your fitness.
The next training tip will be focusing on How to Hill in the Punish and I recommend you begin practicing the hill component from this tip to ensure you are able to execute the next tip to your potential.
RUN RIOT also encourages all runners to stay active and safe during this time. If you are after some more specific guidance or coaching please do not hesitate in emailing me for further info.