With the Mount Panorama Punish just under a week away everything is now in place for race day.

It’s that time of the preparation where you start looking towards the mental and tactical aspect of the race. With a week until race day now, there is not a great deal you can do to make any further physical gains so make sure you running has a purpose is contributing to a good run on the day. If you have put the last three tips into good use you should be in good shape for the event and this tip is about mentally preparing for your very own #onehotlap.

Mental Rehearsal: Best performance comes from making sure you are as mentally prepared as you are physically. Visualisation is very important. Being mindfully prepared for the climb, descent and the twists and turns of the course will go a long way to making sure on race day you’re able to run to plan. Mental cues and markers are also good for improving performance and by having a few key markers or cue points on course you can mentally check off the little goals throughout the race. Finally having a mantra is a great way of internally reinforcing your motivation to finish the race, keywords, chants or the like are good ways of shifting the physical struggle and focusing on meeting your race-based goal on the day.

Execution of YOUR race: This is key. Being mindful of things such as your strengths, weaknesses and expectations prior to the race will allow you to take the best steps to execute as you want. With training comes knowledge of your physical limits and the capacity of your mind to overcome the challenges thrown at you in an event. It is this knowledge and capacity that you should gear your race on, being realistic, but also setting a challenge will mean you’re more likely to run to the level you are capable of and enjoy it in the process. The best way to approach execution is the do nots: do not get caught up at the start, do not run too hard up the hill, do not run too fast for your ability and do not forget why you are doing the race.

Gear, planning & logistics: Even though it is considered a relatively short event in terms of time and distance it does not mean you should ignore key planning and so forth. Organise your trip to the race in advance: look at parking, travel time, car-pooling, etc. in advance to minimise stress before you start.

Outfit: Choose the best options for your race: shoes, socks, hat or no hat and any nutrition you need should be tried in advance and not on the day.

Enjoy: Make the most of what is going to be a wonderful and historic event, you have done the training and now its time to run that lap of the mount you have been thinking about since you registered.

I’ll see you very soon and remember please say g’day on the day. I’ll be running a warm-up prior to the race and as always, each week at 6pm UP Coaching Bathurst meets with a fully coached training session focused on making sure everyone can achieve their goals. Everyone is welcome and catered for.