Race day is nearly upon us, all the work has been completed and you now have just over a week to ensure you are ready to go!

🏁 Respect – this race is tough, it has long climbs both up and down, sweeping bends and many variances in the gradient within the climbs. There is not much flat running and you are required to adjust your running form on many different occasions. By respecting the challenges thrown your way in the 6.12km circuit of the track you are more likely to be running strongly into the finish line. I suggest breaking the race down into sections, setting your goals for these sections in a realistic manner and sticking to this plan.

🏁 Analyse – look over you training, what you have been completing week in week out and what your current form and fitness level is. Use the info gathered to set your targets for the race in terms of effort and time execution. It is a tough race to get right but ensuring you are aware of what you have in the tank and can lay out on the track on race day will be vital for your success, remember to RUN YOUR OWN RACE.

🏁 Check in – visit for all the necessary information related to the event. I strongly advise collecting your bib on Saturday from Bathurst Parkrun (you might as well run this too) and being sure of the gear you will wear on the day. Look ahead to the weather forecast and take into account other factors such as parking, etc. to ensure race morning is as smooth as possible.

🏁 Energy – bring the energy!!!!! This is an awesome event, held in an iconic location and to have a closed circuit for us to race is certainly a bucket list moment. Cheer, encourage, support or whatever you feel is best to bring that energy up. Thank the volunteers and support those around you it is going to be a wonderful morning out on the mount for our chance at #onehotlap in 2022.

I’ll see you all there for a warm-up at 7:15am!

For any advice please contact me directly or visit