It’s important to us that we make all runners feel welcome at the Punish. In response to a conversation with a participant from previous years, we have developed a Gender Diversity Policy to set some rules in place for transgender and transsexual runners. In collaboration with that participant, and using the City2Surf and Athletics Australia policies as a framework, we outline our guidelines as below. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for clarification of our rules.

  1. Female to male transgender/transsexual individuals (who have selected ‘male’ on their entry) are eligible to participate, place or win a prize in the male category. Female to male transgender/transsexual individuals are not eligible to enter the female category. 
  2. Male to female transgender/transsexual individuals are eligible to participate in the female category of any event, however, should make a confidential notification to the Event Directors by phone (0418 657 968) or email at least 1 week prior to the race. They are not eligible to win a gendered placing prize, unless they are also able to satisfy the additional notification requirements as set out below.
  3. Participants who select ‘prefer not to say’ in their entry will not be eligible for gendered placing prizes.

Additional Notification Criteria
In addition to the notification requirement, male to female transgender/transsexual individuals seeking to enter the female category of the Mount Panorama Punish and be eligible to win a gendered placing prize, must satisfy the criteria below prior to the event date. 

  1. Legal recognition that their transgender/transsexual participant’s assigned sex has been conferred by the appropriate official authorities (e.g. sex recognition certificate) and a copy provided to Mount Panorama Punish. A B14 Declaration: gender change in travel document will be accepted. 
  2. Supply Mount Panorama Punish with a current medical opinion from the participant’s doctor addressing the following:
    1. details of the hormonal therapy administered to the participant; and
    2. confirmation that the duration of the hormonal therapy has, in the doctor’s opinion, been sufficient to minimise any gender related advantages in competitive sport having regard to the participant’s strength, stamina and build. 

Failure to satisfy all criteria prior to the event may result in the individual being deemed ineligible to participate, win and/or place in the event. 

Confidentiality and privacy
All cases that are notified to Mount Panorama Punish under this guideline shall be treated in strict confidence with access restricted to people on a need to know basis. 

Mount Panorama Punish collects personal information to review a potential participant’s eligibility to compete in, place and/or win a race under this guideline and to facilitate the registration process for this event only. This information will not be shared nor sold to a third party.